​Sicay-​Perrow & Knighten​, P.C.

Our firm's practice  concentrates on the "Creditors Rights"in the areas of:

(1) bankruptcy

(2) personal & real property forclosure proceedings

(3) collection & litigation recovery

(4) mediation services

We specialize in assisting financial  institutional lenders (mortgage banking, servicing companies, credit unions, consumer secured & unsecured lenders), in maximizing their recovery and reducing losses by personalizing our services to each case's needs.    Knowledge, efficiency, accuracy and action are critical.  So every case is routinely and timely reviewed, analyzed, and monitored by our professional staff so that proper action can be taken.  Clients are provided with updates so that they are aware of the status of the cases.   We are intimately familiar with the varying policies and procedures of each of the Judges in the states in which we are admitted.  We actively pursue the best interests of our clients.